Orlando Fit Body Boot Camp


To say I was a bit cocky during the Orientation at this place is an understatement. “How much can I really get done in a half hour?” The instructors let us know that we could go back to back if we wanted. Yeah-that’s what I’ll do!

I’ve driven past this place on Mills on several occasions-watching with piqued interest as a bunch of people would burst from the front door and run along Mills carrying various objects. It was after seeing a deal online for a much discounted price that I decided to give it a try.

Ha. Two in a row. I was happy to be able to get back on my bike and pedal home without vomiting after my first class. Two weeks later, I’m still satisfied after a half hour go-at-it. The idea reminds me of our years ago P90X stint; muscle confusion, high intensity, etc. You have to attend an Orientation first which is held in the evening on certain days of the week. I was disappointed to not be able to work out that first session, but now that I see how quickly the classes transition, one after the other, I get it.

The format: There is a warm up exercise(s)-usually running outside- followed by four main stations with two exercises each. While it is a total body workout each time, certain days may focus on upper/lower/core exercises. At each station, you are with a group of people and can start with whatever exercise you want to do first, and then do each set three times before rotating to the next station. There may be jumping jacks, burpees, another run (with weights/medicine balls), bear crawls, pushups, etc, in between rotations. The instructor walks around each group and is constantly giving direction/motivation to keep you going. There is also another person that walks around to correct form if needed.

Overall, I’m happy I tried this. I’ve discovered that my knees are not a huge fan of burpees:

I learned that I am a competitive person and thrive in group environments AND I learned that even though I can run for hours on end, this is a whoooole new type of cardio for my body to get used to.

The images on the walls of before/after successes show that this program does work and I can see/feel why. For people who are interested, there is a nutrition piece as well to accompany the workout. The owners/managers also send out frequent emails to keep folks engaged and motivated to make change.

The only thing I wonder: If it was that hot in the building in March…how will they keep people from passing the hell out in July. In Florida. I’m sure hoping they have that covered. If anyone is a competitive ass like myself, I’m sure they would still push themselves in that type of heat to be able to maybe, just maybe, some day be able to do two classes in a row..



Keeping Active and Healthy in Sunny Florida

Finally! After 32 years of on and off again activities/exercise/sport, I’ve recommitted myself to  being fit. It feels a bit religious and once it is hot enough to dare submerge in any sort of Florida body of water (sharks, gators, algae-oh my!), I may just have a baptism of sorts. 

My husband and friends are to thank for this renewal.

He decided to sign up for the bodybuilding.com 6-week challenge, Cellucor, Strong to the Cor Challenge and I decided to join since we had “successfully” completed 90 grueling days of P90x a few years back and had a lot of fun. We still like to reference German Potato Soup and other key phrases every now and then. The Strong to the Cor challenge is one that participants choose their path to transformation, so I did some searching and came upon Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer which is a 12-week program. My friend Charlotte and I gave it the ol’ college try (what does that mean anyway??)  and enjoyed the challenge, the reward, and the humor. Come on, I mean, who REALLY does Donkey calf raises???

During the Jamie Eason program-it was time to start training for the Ragnar running relay race, which consumed most of my exercise time and helped with beating the habit of being active into my lifestyle. Now that Ragnar is finished (Amazing Experience!!), I plan to seek out other fun fitness activities in Florida, mainly focusing on Central Florida. So many options!!!

Sport and Social Club

Paddle boarding

Salsa Dancing

Belly Dancing

Aerial Fitness

Rock Climbing

Mud Runs

So much more!!

My master plan will keep me active and healthy, but hopefully will also encourage my family and friends to do the same! I also intend to shed some light for others who may be looking for fun things to do in our beautiful state.

Kickin’ off the New Year right and in a happy-hippy-like way!I made it to the first of many yoga classes I’ve resolved to partake in during the year. Luckily, Warrior Power Yoga in Audubon Park had multiple classes to choose from, including late afternoon classes to appeal to the folks who may have needed to sleep after the shenanigans of New Year’s Eve. I opted for an “Intro” class since it had been some time since I last got stretchy.As it has been a gray, dreary, rainy, and chilly (for Florida) holiday day, the parking lot was not very full. As a relatively new Yoga studio, I was not sure what to expect, but was happy to see that there is already a community building here and there are “regulars”. Too, there were some new folks such as myself. I’m always happy to see small businesses be successful.

We ended up with a nice sized group: not too many to be packed like sardines and not too little so you feel super pressured.

This gives you an idea of the size of the studio:

There is a small area at the front to leave your extra belongings. It was nice to see that they sell some yoga gear-I may actually put the money out to get a true yoga towel rather than use my awkwardly sized beach towel for the sweaty power yoga classes.

This class was with Kim, the owner. She is very friendly and intuitive. She asked for feedback as to what areas to focus on (Hips, please!) and made sure to guide us through every step and provide alternatives to try. Although, I’m not entirely sure that this is the case, it seemed that she would recognize areas that could be worked on and then provide another move that would help with the area of need. For example, for some reason, I CANNOT, for the life of me, swing my leg through from down-dog to the front of the mat. It felt like she picked up on that and then added another exercise where you bring your knee to your elbows. I’m sure that if I kept up with that exercise, I would be able to get over that little Yoga blip. At the end of class Kim went around with some type of relaxing scent and waffed it over our faces as we lay in “corpse pose”. It was a nice touch.

Overall, I was very pleased with this studio! I purchased the new student deal which is three classes for $21-a very good deal for yoga.  She mentioned some other classes they offer (1/2 power, 1/2 yin) and workshops (handstands), so I am looking forward to trying other types of classes with other instructors.  Look at that- Looking forward to exercise!